Praising God for Divine Appointments and Your Prayers!


Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)

“In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will make straight your paths.”

From the time that Julie and I met almost 8 years ago and she introduced me to the reality that I could have a personal relationship with God, we have had lengthy, in-depth talks about what the Bible has to say on a wide range of topics–ranging from relationship issues to current events.  I had not been educated with a Biblical world view and it was thrilling to discover the practical and wise counsel that the Bible offered.

For her part, Julie had been mentoring some other women my age and was amazed to learn how little all of us knew about the Bible as well as the Christian roots of our rapidly changing nation.  We both sensed The Lord calling us to do something that would allow us to share the truth of God’s Word and its relevancy for people in today’s culture. Paul had taken the gospel into the marketplace, and after prayer, we felt The Lord leading us to take His message into today’s ‘marketplace’ via the medium of TV and the internet.  

We want to exalt Him for how He has led us and how He has orchestrated every detail since He gave us the idea 18 months ago:


1- Jamie worked for a chiropractor in PA helping to make marketing calls 

2- one of the women Jamie cold-called invited her to a networking event 

3- Jamie attended the networking event without knowing why she was there; she enjoyed a nice lunch where everyone shared email addresses 

4- Jamie received an email “blast” from one of the attendees (who added her to her email list without even asking her to sign up to be on it!) 

5- The email contained the question: “Do you want to have your own TV show?” It included the name and contact information of a gentleman named Al who could help you start your own TV show. It just so “ 'happened’ to be the man whom Jamie had sat next to at the networking luncheon

6- Jamie immediately called Al, and he informed her that at that time there was no room for any new TV shows on the station with which he was associated (April 2012) 

7- He called Jamie 'out of the blue’ and said there was now availability and airtime and wanted to see if we could get a show together in a few weeks (Oct. 2012)


We were thrilled that God had opened this door, however, after praying, we felt led due to upcoming holidays and other time commitments, to see if they would keep the spot open for us and allow us to do the first taping after the first of the year; the station was willing to hold the spot for us.

8- Julie & Jamie get a show going with no budget and a very, very simple “set” thanks to Dave at BPTV in Bethel Park, PA

9- By the end of January, we had taped our first 6 shows with a format that features the two of us discussing various topics from a Biblical perspective. We are scheduled to tape 8 more shows in March.

10- While Julie was flying up to Pittsburgh in March for the taping of the shows, Jamie is rushed into emergency surgery with flesh-eating bacteria attacking her left arm. Taping of those shows is cancelled until Jamie is able to be released from the hospital following her miraculous experience with such a life and limb-threatening disease that by God’s grace 'eats’ none of her flesh and leaves her grateful to see the power of God so clearly evidenced in her life.

11- During Jamie’s recuperation time, God inspires the idea of including guests on the show and having a 'small-group’ format for discussing the issues.

12- Initially, a set opens up for us that is large enough to accommodate inclusion of guests and we tape 12 shows in September. After taping those shows, we learn that the place we’d taped them would not be available for future tapings. We prayed and asked God to open the door for a new location.

13- Jamie feels led to check out local churches that are near the TV station to see if we might tape our shows there. She types 'churches’ into her GPS and the second church she goes to not only is willing to offer their entire conference room free of charge as a “set,“ but in less than 30 minutes the Pastor gives her the keys to the front door of the church!  Thank you Pastor Herb, what an amazing answer to prayer and confirmation he was that day and continues to be!

14- We recognize that we need help to produce a show that is of excellent quality, so Jamie calls the Christian broadcasting network near her home and talks to Tom whom invites her to come to the station to “learn” and receive guidance on how to best produce a TV show

15- while there she meets a woman, Melissa, who teaches God’s Word through her women’s ministry and they immediately “connect” & know that God put them in each other’s paths for a reason


16- Melissa agrees to come on our shows we recorded in Feb. 2014 to co-teach with Julie and record 4 shows with us. As we solicited her input for how we can improve our shows, she suggests that Jamie meets with Robin, her show’s director, at the Christian station!

17- Melissa introduces Jamie to Robin and suggests that Robin have lunch with her (March 2014)

18- Robin & Jamie meet for lunch and Robin provides valuable suggestions for increasing the quality of our 'True View’ show. Jamie informs Robin that we would like professional editing; Robin says that Jamie needs to meet Andrew, and she will get Jamie his number

19- Jamie meets with Andrew and he says that he can do editing and has something even better in mind.   

20- Andrew organizes a meeting with his “crew” and they want to take on our show and make it “'a million times better’!”  

We are thrilled for it is our desire as well, and we long to do all with excellence and unto the glory of God!

21- A crew of professional Christian men agreed to direct, tape, edit and in every way help us to improve the quality of 'True View’ so that we are positioned to reach a larger and broader audience with the message that we believe God has equipped and called us to share 'for such a time as this.’

22- While we strongly believed that God was telling us to move forward and work with these men;  we were uncertain how we would pay for their services.  Within 3 hours of praying for God to provide we received a donation online that was an answer to prayer, and another one the following morning!  What an amazing God we serve!

23-  Andrew, Tony & Scottio are now working to put together our first several "pilots” and plan to “pitch” our show to several venues. (May 2014)

WOW! We give God all the glory for what He has done over the past 18 months, for we know that He has been behind and at the center of every detail, every connection; nothing has been by coincidence, but by God’s divine leading and His ordained appointments.

Doors keep opening and we are praising Him for all that He is doing in our midst. We are living out Psalm 3&; 23, “The steps of a man are established by The Lord, when he delights in His way.” Yes, we do delight in Our God, and we are so grateful to Him for ordering our every step! Below is a picture of the crew God has assembled that is helping us to 'be our best for the glory of His Name’ and to enable us to “pitch” our show to reach a much larger platform. 

We thank you for your past prayers and covet your prayers for the future of True View as we embark on the next phase of this amazing adventure! 

We trust that God’s plans and purposes will continue to be revealed to us as we seek after Him and His leading us each step of this journey.  We have taken a major “leap of faith” and we are trusting in Him to provide for all of our needs.  (Philippians 4:19) Please join us in praying a prayer of thanksgiving for all God has done, and is doing through True View Ministries, and for His continued guidance as we go forward to share the messages He has laid upon our hearts to make His Name renowned in our nation and in this day!  Thank you sweet friends for your support.

Committed to Truth,

Jamie & Julie 


From left to right back row: Scottio, Tony, Chris and Andrew

From left to right front row: Julie, Jamie, and Gina