No Magic, Just Mercy

The other day while cleaning out an old TV cabinet, my kids stumbled on a “Journal and Playbook” that I was assigned to fill out for one of my college courses at the University of Colorado.  As we laughed and perused through the pages something significant jumped out to me.  

On one page it asked me to, “List everything you can think of wanting right now.”  I listed “deeper faith in God” as one of my answers.  On the next page of the journal it asked me to “Imagine yourself magic; What magical things can you do?”  (yes, this was college, in case you wonder why my punctuation and sentence structure is often amiss– now you’ll know why!  Lol! )  Anyway, so I noticed that I put, “talk to God on the phone if I wanted,” and, “travel to heaven to visit the dead,” and, “create a potion to live forever.”  Later in the “Inspiration Guide” part of the journal I was asked to “write your favorite inspiring things inside of these shapes.”  Again I was surprised to see that I had written, “A good day with God.”  What?!?!   I wasn’t going to church. I had never read the Bible. And I CERTAINLY wasn’t living to please God. At this point in my life I had determined that it was impossible to please Him, so I’d given up completely on trying to be ‘good’ enough for Him. My college goal was to have fun without breaking any ‘major’ laws, or at least not to get caught breaking any.   


Why was God on my mind so much?   Has He been on your mind?  Even though I thought about God, I never asked anyone any questions about Him.   I’m not sure why I didn’t ask anyone questions about Him; likely because most of the people I hung out with were not asking questions either. We were all consumed with just living for our own pleasure. 

When prompted to, “List some of your favorite books.” in the journal, I listed, “Bible Stories.”  This was a set of books my mom read to me for a couple years when I was in 1st and 2nd grade at bedtime. These books were all based on Biblical principles.  

As I pondered the fact that I had a desire to speak to God, to know God, to have a good day with God, and to live forever, I am surprised that it took nine more years before my life was radically transformed by the renewing of the Holy Spirit.  This fact has brought me such hope for those that I pray for on a regular basis.  God has always been at work in my life! And He is at work in your life and the lives of those you pray for too.  We will all be without excuse.  He will make Himself known.  I now realize the big difference between my college years and when I finally started a life-transforming relationship with God nine years later can be summed up in these two verses:  

Deuteronomy 4:29 ESV
But from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

I was not seeking in college with all my heart and soul; I wasn’t even seeking with half a heart.  I was merely wishing…but God was faithful to answer– in His perfect way and His perfect timing– nine years later when upon meeting a ‘real Christian’ I truly desired to seek Him with ALL my heart.  I rejoice with thanksgiving that I don’t need to, “Imagine myself magic” to speak to God, to know Him, to have a good day with Him, or to live forever.  Those things are all now my daily reality!  God gives me the privilege of all of these things– and so much more– because I have chosen to believe in and receive His Son Jesus as my Savior!  

No magic. Just Mercy.  I sure love Him!

What would you tell someone who was interested in knowing God to do to  “seek” Him with their whole heart?