Looking for a the truth of God’s Word to help you overcome your fear, worry or anxiety? We have created ‘Faith and Fear Bible Study in a Box’ that illuminates the truth of God’s Word on the topic of fear; is designed to build your faith; and will show you how to pray His Word and promises into your life. This unique tool has helped countless others to overcome their fear, worry and anxiety and we are confident that it will help you too! 

"This study was perfect for my young son who is afraid of so many things." Atlanta, GA

"I gave 4 of these out as gifts and one woman came back to me in tears to share how God used these cards to speak to her when she was at the doctor's office with her daughter! I'm so glad I shared these." Rochester, MI

"I gave a study to my mom who struggles with a lot of anxiety; I am amazed at the amount of peace she has now since she started reading these cards daily!" Atlanta, GA

"I gave this as a gift to a loved one, and when she passed away unexpectedly, I found hope in knowing she had these cards, and in particular the salvation prayer that accompanies them." Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for adding the prayer on every card. It has really helped me learn how to pray God's Word." Atlanta, GA

"I love the verses on these cards so much that I have already committed several to memory." Pittsburgh, PA 

“The Faith & Fear cards were essential to helping my children overcome their fears.  Kids & teens often struggle with fears of a different nature than adults do.  God's Word is for them too, no matter how small the fear may seem to us.  The cards were perfect for my eleven and thirteen year old because they were topic specific and to the point.  Young people get distracted by too much commentary. They know they can go to the cards anytime for an immediate dose of God's fear fighting Word!” Pittsburgh, PA